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GD Tool for Non Domestic buildings

Important notice

Please note that the iSBEM_v5.1.c should only be used for Green Deal Assessments and not for lodging EPC’s. If you wish to carry out an EPC assessment for lodgement please use iSBEM_v4.1.e which you can download from

Latest News

29 May 2013:
iSBEM version 5.1.c released including correction to minor glitches. We are pleased to announce that this version of the software has been approved for the creation of live Green Deal Advice Reports.

  • This means that Qualified non-domestic Green Deal Advisors can use this tool to undertake Green Deal Assessments and lodge them onto the Landmark Register for England and Wales.

  • Advisors will first need to have registered their credentials on the Register before they can lodge an Advice Report. Please see the Green Deal Advisor Checklist for advice on this process.

  • Any Green Deal Advice Reports successfully lodged onto the Register will be valid for use with a future Green Deal Plan.

  • DECC is also pleased to announce that there will be no lodgement fees for non-domestic Green Deal assessments until Spring 2014, over and above fees for lodging an EPC and any charges applied by certification schemes.


This website has been set up to provide access to the government's Green Deal assessment tool for non-domestic buildings. The tool has been developed for the Department of Energy and Climate Change by BRE, based on the existing energy calculation tool SBEM.

The iSBEM software tool for Green Deal:
  • Allows the advisor to tailor the model to the building occupier's actual operating regime by unlocking the standard parameters in the Activities Database;
  • Enables the advisor to more easily explore and document the savings in energy use resulting from the installation of one or more energy efficiency measures, in one or more packages of measures;
  • Accepts information on fuel costs, so as to calculate the approximate value of these energy savings;
  • Provides a means to normalise the calculated energy use data against measured fuel consumption, adjusting for the effects of energy management practices.
  • Display a preview of the Green Deal Advice Report to show to the customer prior to lodgement.

To access the tool, go to the Download page and follow the instructions. As with iSBEM, the tool requires a version of Microsoft Access a 'run-time' version of which can also be downloaded.
The BRE development team would welcome feedback on the tool through the Feedback page of this site, including any bug reports. Please note that you must be logged in to submit your feedback. Thanks.

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